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EDF Renewables is currently building 1.2 GW of renewable capacity in South Africa

EDF Renewables is currently building 1.2 GW of renewable electricity production capacity in South Africa, including 763 MW of wind, 355 MW of solar and 75 MW of storage. This development will bring a significant quantity of low-carbon electricity to the country currently facing an electricity shortage.

EDF Renewables has launched the construction of 8 installations divided into three projects:

  • Koruson 1 (420 MW), consisting of three wind farms (Phezukomoya, San Kraal and Coleskop).
  • Koruson 2 (520 MW), comprising two 140 MW wind farms (Umsobomvu and Hartebeesthoek) and a 240 MW solar power plant (Mooi Plaats) developed by Envusa Energy, the joint venture of EDF Renewables and the Anglo American group.
  • Umoyilanga, a hybrid project virtually combining the production of the future Avondale solar power plant (115 MW) and the future Dassiesridge onshore wind farm (63 MW) located 900 km from each other, associated with a capacity of 75 MW of batteries.

    The total investment for these three projects is around 1.65 billion euros. The various installations will gradually be put into service between 2024 and 2026.

    With an expected low-carbon electricity production of nearly 4 TWh per year, these three projects will significantly contribute to reducing the electricity shortage which amounted to 14.4 TWh in 2023 according to Eskom, the South-South public company. African electricity.

    EDF Renewables projects create a significant number of jobs, particularly during the construction phase. The mobilization of small local businesses is particularly encouraged through entrepreneurship programs. Approximately 40% of the value of the projects will be derived from goods and services produced in South Africa, and approximately 1% of the turnover will be allocated to socio-economic development initiatives for the benefit of local communities.

    Tristan de Drouas, Director of EDF Renewables in South Africa, said : " We are proud to help meet South Africa's energy needs, through our wind and solar farms, whether through government programs or our joint venture with the Anglo American group, Envusa Energy. Once commissioned, these installations will contribute to reducing the power cuts that the South African population is currently experiencing. They are also a concrete illustration of the EDF group's capacity to provide low-carbon energy solutions and to contribute to the energy transition in South Africa.“ 

    Further information :
    Koruson 1 is a project of three wind farms of 140 MW each, Phezukomoya, San Kraal and Coleskop, for a total capacity of 420 MW. The project is located on the border between the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape provinces, on the outskirts of Middelburg. Developed by a consortium led by EDF Renewables in partnership with H1 Holdings, GIBB-Crede and a local community fund, the project is part of the 5th Independent Power Producers Program. The commissioning of the three parks is planned for the last quarter of 2024.

    Umoyilanga is an innovative hybrid project that will operate as a virtual power plant combining solar, wind and battery capabilities spread across two sites 900km apart, providing energy available at all times for the South African power grid. On the Avondale site in the Northern Cape province a 115 MW solar power plant will be built combining 30 MW of batteries, and on the Dassisesridge site in the Eastern Cape province a 63 MW wind farm will be built associated with 45 MW of storage capacity. The project, led by EDF Renewables in partnership with Perpetua Holdings (Pty) Ltd, participates in the implementation of the South African government's Risk Mitigation IPP Procurement Program (RMIPPPP). Commissioning is planned for mid-2025.

    Koruson 2 comprises three projects located on the border between the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape provinces: two wind farms of 140 MW each (Umsobomvu and Hartebeesthoek) and a solar power plant of 240 MW (Mooi Plaats). These installations will be put into service during 2026.

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