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A major player in the world's energy transition, EDF Renewables is an international electrician that develops, builds and operates renewable energy production plants.

Expertise across the entire value chain

Project development

Teams responsible for finding the best sites, integrating local and biodiversity issues as part of a close dialogue with stakeholders to design coherent projects, beneficial to the regions and contributing to accelerating the energy transition, everywhere in the world.

Engineering & construction

On land and at sea, our teams design the technical engineering solutions best suited to the design and construction of our projects. Innovation, compliance with safety rules, deadlines and budgets, our teams work daily to integrate all of these issues.


On a daily basis in the field or from our control center, our maintenance teams monitor our assets, 24/7, to safely guarantee optimal production of our parks and power plants, all over the world.


Because our responsibility does not stop at the production of low-carbon electricity, we also have expertise in the dismantling of our projects but also in their renewal.

The renewal or “ repowering » corresponds to the dismantling of a wind farm reaching the end of its cycle in order to replace all the wind turbines with the latest generation machines, more reliable and more robust.

Transversal know-how

Act with respect for the environment

Because controlling our environmental footprint guides the design and operation of our projects, we have teams specialized in environmental issues. 

To guarantee perfect control of our impacts, we implement an approach which aims to Avoid, Reduce or Offset the effects of our projects on the environment.

Create value in the territories

For each of our projects, we strive to maximize local benefits. Working with economic clusters, chambers of commerce, etc. 

Our goal is to enable our projects to bring direct benefit to the economy of the territories where it is located. Maintenance activities also enable the creation of local jobs throughout the operating life of the projects.



Co-build our projects with all regional stakeholders

We work on each project with local stakeholders to understand the challenges of the site and design integrated projects that bring new dynamics to the regions. To do this, we organize information meetings and working groups with elected officials, associations, residents and local economic clusters. Our objective: to create a tailor-made project for the territory.

In the south of France, a tower
control for our parks and power plants

To ensure optimal production from our installations, we have a supervision and engineering center for our wind and solar farms. Located in Colombiers in Hérault, it supervises 24/7 the production of parks located in France and in more than ten countries. Its mission: to guarantee the safety of installations while optimizing electricity production.


EDF Renewables - Japan



Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.