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Designing, building and operating wind and solar farms is our business.
Our teams, established sustainably in the heart of the territories, are committed daily to ensuring the harmonious cohabitation of our projects with local issues, whether societal, environmental, economic or territorial.

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In the heart territories

Do you know the whole story of the wind or solar farm near you? 

For any project, beyond our legal obligations, we work with local elected officials, local residents, environmental associations and economic players in a global approach of listening, frankness and trust.

Space pedagogic

How does a wind or solar farm work and how does it fit into the territory?

Discover through our educational space all the keys to better understanding renewable energies. Teachers, also access our renewable energy media library!

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Want to take a closer look at how our facilities work?

Discover the list of solar, wind and offshore wind sites that we regularly open to the public. Contact us directly to come meet the teams and see the energy transition up close!

Our fundamentals

A long-term partnership of trust

If consultation and co-construction guide the development and construction stages of all of our parks and power plants, this philosophy is always ours during the operating phases. Firmly established locally, our teams support the life of our installations over the long term.

Rigorous consideration of environmental issues

Because a wind farm or solar power plant is a real sustainable land development project, our experts ensure the environmental integration of our projects. By revalorizing degraded sites or implementing specific measures, we monitor the effects of our projects on local biodiversity.

A sustainable player in the region

Beyond producing renewable and carbon-free energy, our projects contribute sustainably to the economic vitality of territories: creation of sustainable jobs, tax revenue for communities, economic benefits, etc.


“For this Salles-Curan wind farm, there was a favorable reception from the municipality’s administrators. »

Maurice Combettes (Mayor of Salles-Curan)

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EDF Renouvelables

EDF Renewables - Japan



Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.