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Wind maintenance technician

Wind maintenance technician

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The wind maintenance technician is in charge of maintaining wind farms.

The missions entrusted to it offer a vast diversity of activities, the aim of which is to ensure the operation and optimal production of installations in compliance with safety rules.

He ensures the maintenance of wind turbines: from preparing interventions to repairing electrical and mechanical equipment once on site.

What is
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“My job consists of ensuring corrective and preventive maintenance of the Salles-Curan wind farm in Aveyron, made up of 29 wind turbines with a total power of 87 megawatts and a high-voltage delivery station. »

 » In Aveyron, our team is made up of six technicians and an area manager. We intervene in particular during repairs during the week and on weekends, but also for preventive maintenance.

This job is exciting because the missions are very diverse. We work in both the mechanical (changing motors, bearings, replacement of large components), hydraulic (changing cylinders, brake calipers, etc.) and electrical fields, in all voltage areas (direct current, alternating current, low voltage and very high voltage).

We are trained in many areas (power converter, working at height, SST, etc.) and we have numerous authorizations. Each technician has their preferred areas but in general, you need to have knowledge in all areas. “ 

your experiences

This job will allow you to:



BAC+2/3 level (DUT, BTS, License) in a technical field (Industrial Maintenance, Electricity, Electrotechnics or equivalent) with experience ideally in wind power and BZEE Diploma “Wind Maintenance” 

of your future colleagues

“Ensuring your own safety and that of your colleagues is a main point. You have to enjoy being in the field on a daily basis, in contact with nature and infrastructure. It is a privilege for me to work in the renewable sector, both for my own health and my conscience. As long as you like the technique, the terrain, anyone can find their place within our teams. You must be rigorous and precise to carry out repair or maintenance operations, but above all enjoy collaborative work. »

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Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.