Participate sustainably in the energy transition.

Designing, building and operating wind and solar farms is our business.
Trusting us means choosing a partner for your energy solutions who will be able to meet your challenges of supplying carbon-free energy in a reliable and competitive manner.

The solutions
For Your Business

The contract of renewable energy supply (PPA)

Benefit from a reliable supply of carbon-free renewable electricity at a fixed price over the long term.

Rental of unused land

Your unused land can provide you with regular land income through the production of renewable energy.

Self consumption

Self-consumption: produce and consume your own solar electricity by equipping yourself with photovoltaic panels.

Your advantages

Secure your electricity supply

With our dedicated solutions and our expertise, have low-carbon energy at a competitive and stable price over the long term. 

Consume carbon-free and renewable electricity

Decarbonization offers you the benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting environmental sustainability and facilitating the transition to a cleaner, more resilient economy.

Commit your business to a sustainable energy future

Thanks to our agile solutions, designed to respond effectively to your renewable energy needs, while meeting the carbon neutrality objectives by 2050.


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EDF Renouvelables

EDF Renewables - Japan



Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.