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We are looking for women and men with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to work in an innovative and dynamic environment, where the collective is a source of performance.

Strong in our values of respect, responsibility, solidarity, passion, agility and cooperation, we are looking for collaborators passionate And engaged to work together in a dynamic and evolving world. 

Our common goal: to accelerate the energy transition, everywhere in the world.

EDF Renewables in figures

+ 1,035 recruitments
worldwide in 2023*

+ 123 students
on an internship & work-study program in France*

94% for employees are proud to work at EDF Renewables **

89% of employees
recommend EDF Renewables as an employer to their loved ones**

* 2023 figures
** Results of the annual My EDF study carried out in 2023 on the global scope on 4,080 respondents

Your questions

We recruit every year more than 900 people including 350 in France across all of our businesses. A large part of the positions concern the professions of development, of engineering, of maintenance, of finance and theIT

We recruit candidates with both young graduates and more experienced profiles.

All our offers are published on the career site, our recruitment process is internalized and fast. Our goal is to get to know you, to check that your skills match the expertise required for the position. We also want to see if you share the same values as us so that you can flourish in your professional career. 

Beyond skills, we are recruiting a personality, sensitivity and a desire to develop projects together to accelerate the energy transition.

EDF Renewables is committed on a daily basis against discrimination, For the equality of chances, the diversity And inclusion around the world. The life of the company is based on six values: respect, solidarity, responsibility, cooperation, agility and passion. They are embodied in our ambition in terms of social responsibility. 

Want to work in a meaningful profession, want to engage in missions with passion by putting your expertise and your capacity for innovation at the service of the fight against climate change and for the energy transition. 

Our values


  • Have consideration and recognition for individuals, respect people
  • Be open-minded, respect opinions
  • Demonstrate honesty in our actions and relationships
  • Ensuring safe working conditions, as well as the security of our facilities


  • Keeping our commitments
  • Being responsible for our actions
  • Assume the impact of our activities on the natural and human environment
  • Give the best of ourselves and adopt a constructive attitude


  • Count on each other
  • Bringing added value to territories and local communities
  • Place our vision, our activities and our relationships in a long-term perspective


  • Be committed to the development of renewable energies
  • Share the same desire to find solutions and bring our projects to fruition
  • Carry out our activities with enthusiasm, with a requirement for professionalism and performance
  • Be committed to environmental protection


  • Be responsive and continually adapt to changes in our market and environment
  • Knowing how to seize opportunities and make risky decisions in an uncertain future
  • Promote our spirit of initiative and our creativity for the benefit of the development of our projects
  • Innovate and create to develop the technologies of tomorrow and renew our expertise


  • Working together in a team spirit and dialogue
  • Knowing how to associate, enhance our partnership relationships
  • Share our ambitions and successes

Our engagements

In all of our countries of operation, our teams are committed on a daily basis against discrimination, for equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion.


Support our employees in their careers.

At EDF Renewables, we support our employees in success of their professional career and we attach great importance to training to maintain the performance of our teams. Being an EDF Renewables employee means benefiting from multidisciplinary training to develop their skills throughout their career.

Guarantee professional equality and inclusion in all our activities.

We are convinced that diversity is a strength and a source of innovation. Guarantee the no discrimination, professional equality between women and men, welcome employees in situations of disability and help the integration of young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are commitments that drive us across all of our sites and subsidiaries, in France and internationally.




Promote the balance of each employee between professional and personal life.

The well-being of our employees is a priority. EDF Renewables sets up motivating working conditions to encourage professional development of each and a good balance between personal and professional life

EDF Renewables - Japan



Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.