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The Management Controller is responsible for controlling and analyzing operational and support activities in order to optimize their operation.

He has a solid accounting and financial background as well as a good command of IT tools working for performance research.

This strategic profession allows the optimization of the operation of activities and the creation of tools.

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“In this business, we have a big responsibility in terms of financial monitoring of operational activities. Particularly in the analysis and coordination of quarterly closings in conjunction with the accounting team. We work on financial documents such as the closing schedule, analytical accounting, budgetary control, cash flow forecast by project, industrial investments to improve their performance. »
“We ensure the development of new processes in conjunction with the accounting team, in order to make the preparation of quarterly closings more reliable and better. But also the management of specific studies at the request of the Financial Department. »
“Another aspect of our business is based on improving processes by creating management tools, or producing reporting for the management committee. We also develop forecasts and budgets. »

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Graduate of a Bac +5 type Masters, DESS, DEA (Business, engineering or university schools) with a specialization in finance / accounting / management control, young graduate or experienced.

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“The important qualities to become a management controller are: logic and analytical skills. In addition to the knowledge acquired in general accounting and finance, choosing a specialized master's degree will give you a definite advantage in this position. »
“This profession requires 3 to 5 years of experience before being able to practice it as a senior. Experiences in different fields of activity provide a broader vision of risk management and tool development. »
“You have to be confident in your work, which requires some field experience, to be comfortable speaking and proposing new solutions. We have to deal with different Departments within the Group and therefore being confident in the delivery of our solutions is essential. »

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Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.