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The Project Manager brings wind and photovoltaic projects to life. It intervenes in the development phase, from construction to commissioning of projects, while respecting the constraints of safety, budget, deadline and quality.

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“Our profession is considered a pivotal activity between the team responsible for development and the Technical and Industry Department. We are involved in the coordination of the project in its construction phase, for the monitoring of the various contracts, the negotiation and the management of the actors. »
“My job requires several skills: project management, project team coordination and management, negotiation and contract management. We must monitor all technical, contractual and financial dimensions to guide decisions in compliance with a schedule, a budget, and the company's Health and Safety rules. We have a versatile project manager role. »
“Our activity mainly takes place during the construction phase until the commissioning of the installations. But we also have an important role during the development phase, upstream of construction, in order to provide our technical expertise, and in the operation phase, in managing the lifting of reservations to ensure "perfect completion ".

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BAC+5 Master's degree, DESS, DEA, Grandes Écoles, Engineering school, with a specialization in general engineering, buildings, public works or electrical engineering.

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“To carry out this profession, we must have organizational fiber to be the good conductor of the project, but also have an expert view on all the technical studies carried out for the smooth running of the project. »
“You have to know how to be a good speaker to create a climate of trust with all your interlocutors. We also have to manage a team and oversee the organization of meetings. »
“We must control the feasibility of a project, from a technical and financial point of view. We also have to lead consultations and manage contracts. The management aspect is very important during the different stages, to ensure the smooth running of the project. »

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EDF Renewables - Japan



Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.