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Environmental affairs manager

Environmental affairs manager

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At the heart of the development team, this expert is in charge of defining, implementing and implementing studies and recommendations related to environmental issues.

In the development of our renewable energy projects, whether wind, solar or offshore wind, we apply strict environmental criteria which generally go beyond current regulations.


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“We work in collaboration with the development project manager. Our objective is to define and control the quality of environmental studies which will notably make it possible to obtain the necessary administrative authorizations for our various projects. »
“In support of developers, we present the environmental aspect of projects to the administration, expert committees and certain associations. We also raise awareness among developers about all environmental issues. »
“We work on awareness-raising actions in partnership with local environmental stakeholders and we monitor the proper implementation of the measures throughout the life of the project. »

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BAC+5 Master's degree, DESS, DEA, Engineering school with a specialization in environment, land use planning or ecology.

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“It is recommended to have had professional experience in an environmental studies office to have the technical background necessary for the application of the different standards. I completed 2 years of work-study in a design office, which gave me good training. »
“To access this profession, you must enjoy working in a team, in pairs with the development project manager. We act as an advisor and expert on evaluation methods. »
“Being diplomatic and autonomous makes interaction with different teams easier. Our mission is to monitor the proper implementation of environmental measures on projects, and to call things to order when they are not respected. »

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Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.