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Rêv'elles Moi l'Entreprise: EDF Renouvelables opens its doors to a group of young girls for a day of discovery of the company and its professions

EDF Renewables welcomed a group of young girls aged 14 to 20, mainly from priority neighborhoods (REP/REP+), into its new premises in Nanterre. This action aims to promote equal opportunities and diversity as part of a partnership with Rêv'Elles, an association supporting young women in their personal and professional development.

During this day, participants were able to discover the business world, take part in simulated job interviews in real conditions and interact with female employees from different EDF Renewables departments (engineering, legal, IT, etc.) about their professional background and their motivations.

Organized as part of the partnership between the EDF group and the Rêv'Elles association, this operation illustrates EDF Renewables' desire to encourage middle and high school girls and students to turn to careers in industry, particularly those still under-feminized, such as technical and engineering professions, by promoting the diversity of the backgrounds of its employees and the wealth of opportunities offered by the company and more broadly the sector.

EDF Renewables is fully committed to increasing the number of women in its workforce. The company already has 1,669 female employees worldwide, or 32% of its overall workforce, in line with the EDF group's Diversity Ambition which aims to reach between 36 and 40% women in the workforce at all hierarchical strata. by 2030.

Laetitia Villedieu, Director of Human Resources at EDF Renewables, said : " I am happy with the success of this day organized with the Rêv'Elles association and the mobilization of our employees to share their experiences and their journey with these young girls. Professional equality is a priority for EDF Renewables, and in particular through our latest unanimously signed agreement, we have made strong commitments in terms of recruitment and career paths. I hope that this day of meeting, discovery and sharing will be able to inspire vocations, because we need women committed to all areas of the company. »

Athina Marmorat, General Director of Rêv’Elles, said : “This day at work is a very important step for the young girls who follow Rêv'Elles support. This is where they will discover new sectors of activity and professions of which they had no idea. The exchange with Role Model employees also allows them to plan their professional careers more concretely. This experience is therefore very structuring to open up the field of possibilities and thus promote access for young girls to all levels of the company.. »

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