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Appointments to the EDF Renewables Management Committee  

Paris, March 6, 2024 – EDF Renouvelables, a major player in renewable energies in France and around the world, communicates on recent developments within its Management Committee:  

  • Elsa Gonse became Financial Director from 1er March 2024 in succession to Aymeric Ducrocq.  
  • Aymeric Ducrocq has been Director of Marine Renewable Energies France since February 12, 2024, succeeding Cédric Le Bousse. 
  • Cédric Le Bousse has been International Director since 1er January 2024, succeeding Frédéric Belloy, who joined EDF-SA. 
  • Laetitia Villedieu has been Director of Human Resources since 1er December 2023, in succession to Hélène Bauduin who joined EDF SA. 

Elsa Gonse is appointed Financial Director of EDF Renewables and succeeds Aymeric Ducrocq as of March 1. Arriving in the company in 2006, Elsa Gonse has extensive expertise in different financial professions and has acquired in-depth knowledge of the renewable energy sector. In her new role, she will contribute to developing methods of financing EDF Renewables' activities in France and around the world and to strengthening the profitability of investments and activity.  

Aymeric Ducrocq is Director of Marine Renewable Energies France, succeeding Cédric Le Bousse. In the EDF group since 2016, he joined EDF Renewables in November 2020. Since then, he has contributed to the acceleration of the growth of EDF Renewables by ensuring the quality and profitability of investments. In his new role, Aymeric Ducrocq will be responsible for the performance of offshore wind farms in operation, the development and construction of projects having won past calls for tender (AO1, AO3, AO4, Provence Grand Large) and the participation of EDF Renewables in some of the calls for tenders announced by the Government for offshore wind power in France.  

Cédric Le Bousse succeeded Frédéric Belloy as International Director of EDF Renewables. In his new role, he can draw on his experience in offshore wind power and his knowledge of international markets acquired within the company over several years. Cédric Le Bousse manages EDF Renewables' activities in more than 20 countries, outside France and North America.  

In December 2023, Laetitia Villedieu was appointed to the position of Director of Human Resources where she succeeds Hélène Bauduin. She benefits from solid experience in human resources management, particularly acquired within the EDF group. Laetitia Villedieu manages human resources management at EDF Renewables and is also in charge of health and safety policies as well as the working environment, including real estate.  

EDF Renouvelables warmly thanks Frédéric Belloy and Hélène Bauduin for their significant contributions to the development of the company and wishes them every success in their new roles, respectively in the Financial Department and the Human Resources Department of the EDF group.  

Bruno Bensasson, Group Executive Director in charge of Renewable Energy and Chairman and CEO of EDF Renouvelables, said : " I am very pleased to announce these developments within the EDF Renewables Management Committee, which are also an illustration of the wealth of opportunities and professional career paths within the EDF group. I am convinced that these key employees will contribute, with their respective experiences and expertise, to strengthening our position as a major player in renewable energies and supporting our growth in France and around the world.. » 

Find the entire EDF Renewables Management Committee: https://edf-renouvelables.com/mieux-nous-connaitre/comite-de-direction/ *. 

* Photos and biographies of the members of the Management Committee are available on request, to be sent to the EDF Renewables press service.  

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