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Geographic mobility, professional retraining, managerial development: EDF Renewables encourages diversity and supports its talents.

At EDF Renewables, we offer you more than a job: a rich and exciting career serving the energy transition. Working at EDF Renewables also means working within the EDF Group, a Group made up of 160,000 employees around the world. 


Key figures

94% for employees are proud to work at EDF Renewables*

90% for employees recommend EDF Renewables as an employer to their loved ones *

88% of employees think that managers empower their employees


86% employees feel recognized and valued by their management.

+250 internal mobility per year in 2022 (Promotion, geographical mobility)

*Results of the annual My EDF study carried out in 2022 on the global scope on 3,607 respondents

Training for all our employees

At EDF Renewables, we support our employees in the success of their professional careers and we place great emphasis on training to maintain the performance of our teams (82% employees were trained in 2022). 

Being an EDF Renewables employee means benefiting from multidisciplinary training to develop your skills throughout your career.

MyEDF: the annual survey

The annual survey MyEDF, aims to measure the commitment and level of confidence of employees in the management and future of the EDF Group. 

By identifying areas of satisfaction and areas for improvement, this survey helps guide priorities and feed into action plans within the teams.

Remuneration policy

EDF Renewables favors an attractive, competitive and fair remuneration policy linked to the individual and collective performance of the company. Remuneration includes base salary, variable remuneration, and social benefits, thus covering different needs:

  • There fixed remuneration remunerates each employee on the basis of their skills, experience, level of qualification and commitment. 

  • There individual variable remuneration takes into account the contribution of employees to the development and results of the company in relation to the individual objectives set annually.

  • EDF Renewables strives to involve all of its employees in the collective performance of the company through profit-sharing and participation bonuses.

  • EDF Renewables offers a advantageous health and insurance plan for its employees and their loved ones.

  • The company finally offers additional benefits : restaurant vouchers, works council with benefits for early childhood, for holidays or for leisure.

Management that listens to all employees

As soon as they arrive within the company, new arrivals meet the members of the management committee who present to them the strategic issues of the company and answer all their questions, without filters. Breakfasts, moments of informal exchanges, working groups or even more corporate events are regularly organized in order to promote transparency and exchanges between employees.

EDF Renewables - Japan



Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.