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In these 10-minute podcasts, we address in a very concrete way a question that is part of the daily life of the projects that we develop and the parks that we operate. 


Our latest podcast:

Episode 3 - The French and wind power: what perception? And what means have been put in place to promote its acceptability in the region? 

LThe French are mostly in favor of renewable energies and at the same time, with its development, wind power is giving rise to more and more debate. But then what is it really? And what means are put in place by wind farm developers, and in particular by EDF Renewables, to promote its acceptability in the region? Find the answers in this new episode of The [know-it-all] podcast! 

To talk about it, three experts were asked: 

  • Jérôme Fourquet -Director of the Opinion and Corporate Strategies department at the IFOP
  • Carole Trivi – Communications Director at EDF Renewables
  • Lucie Maillard – Head of the Land Activities and Agriculture France Consultation division at EDF Renewables

Episode 2 - the cost of renewable energies

We must succeed in reversing the curve of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 if humanity wants to hope to maintain a “livable” planet. This is the message hammered home once again by the IPCC on April 4, in the final part of its 6th report. IPCC experts urge countries around the world to make their energy transition as quickly as possible by moving away from fossil fuels in favor of renewable energies. But what is the cost of developing renewables? What will be the impact of this energy transition on bills? Is the current health and geopolitical context changing the cards?

To answer these questions, 3 experts were contacted: 

  • Julie-Anne Foucher – strategy project manager at EDF Renewables
  • Thomas Lombardet – engineering director at EDF Renewables
  • Etienne Jan – senior manager at E-cube – strategy consulting firm dedicated to energy, mobility and climate issues 

Episode 1 - recycling

5 million is the number of tonnes of CO2 avoided each year thanks to the production of electricity from renewable sources according to RTE, the electricity transmission network. Excellent news for the climate. But are these means of production completely “green”? What happens to them once they are arrested? The stakes are enormous.

To talk about it, 3 experts come back for us, in 10 minutes, on the question of recycling in the renewable energy sector, and more particularly that of photovolta panels.ïques and terrestrial wind turbines: 

  • Alessandro Frangi, sustainable development director EDF Renewables, 
  • Camille Charpiat And Marie Buchet, respectively Onshore Wind Manager and Solar Manager at SER, the renewable energies union, 

EDF Renewables - Japan



Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.