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International business lawyer

International business lawyer

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The international business lawyer plays a key role in international law.

By securing the interests of the company as well as its activities within the framework of the law, the business lawyer is an advisor who provides essential support in the development of projects around the world.

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“Our job is to intervene on projects for the development, construction and operation of wind or photovoltaic farms within a legal framework, alongside international management representatives. In particular, we must secure investments within the regulatory and legal framework of each country. While proposing legal arrangements adapted to the cultural context of the international and national environment. »
“We participate in numerous operations for the development of international projects. Such as the negotiation of contracts with stakeholders, external growth operations or sale of interests and the selection of local or international law firms brought in to work on the operations. »
“This profession coordinates different legal aspects on an international level, such as ensuring the interface between the company and external or internal partners. In particular, it is necessary to ensure compliance with the law on the various projects depending on the country, and to be attentive to cost control of the partners of the mandated consulting firms. It is also necessary to keep the history of commitments and ensure follow-up. We are also responsible for implementing active legal and regulatory monitoring in our area of expertise. »

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Bac +5 type Master, DESS, DEA (Business, engineering or university schools), with a specialization in business law. Experienced profile, and depending on the scope, this position is also accessible to young graduates.

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“First of all, it’s a job that requires a good level of language. Being bilingual in English is one thing, knowing one or two additional languages is a plus. Being an international business lawyer implies being comfortable with the mechanisms of international relations and understanding your environment in order to apply the legislation in question. »
“Our profession allows us to provide legal assistance in a given territory. This is why good interpersonal skills and a sense of negotiation remain clear advantages for standing out. »
“Being careful in your writing quality and demonstrating an analytical mind are among the points to take into account when acting as an international business lawyer. »

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Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.