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Telecom network engineer

Telecom network engineer

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Responsible for implementing and maintaining computer and telecoms networks, the telecoms network engineer guarantees the quality of the company's IT service.

In this profession with varied missions, he participates in IT security and guarantees the performance of internal systems and tools as well as complete network management.

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“Being a network engineer means contributing to and participating in studies for network development. We must constantly innovate to find new solutions to problems, but also participate in IT support. »
“We have very varied missions to improve our network infrastructure, such as telecoms management, contract monitoring, relations with operators or even carrying out IT security missions! »
“There is also a part of this job where you have to follow procedures, and if necessary create new tools. This goes through VPN, web-mail gateways, Wifi networks for example. »

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Bac +5 type Masters, DESS, DEA (Business, engineering or university schools) with a specialization in Networks and Telecom, experienced or beginner profile.

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“I have always been passionate about computers since middle school. Today more particularly, in particular by the creation of network infrastructures such as VPNs, or Wifi. The profession of network engineer has been obvious to me for a long time. I think it’s a profession for enthusiasts. »
“Knowing how to communicate and being a good listener are essential elements to be effective in this profession. A good network engineer must be patient, have a synthetic mind, be attentive and responsive to find the best solutions. »
“The best network engineers are those who innovate every day. It is an asset in this profession to be able to offer new solutions to EDF Renewables. As the company is very open to new developments, we can experiment with different projects. »

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