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New technologies engineer

New technologies engineer

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The profession of New Technologies Engineer is focused on the major challenges of tomorrow. It is aimed at people who are passionate about innovation.

His daily job consists of contributing to the development of innovative solutions and providing technological support to projects.

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“Our job is to provide development and innovation solutions in the mastery of new techniques. We must demonstrate through several validation stages the technical and economic interest of new engineering processes. »
“All of our work is based on the search for new solutions to support EDF Renewables. We must provide technological support to the various projects in progress, whether on Calls for Tenders in France or internationally, or on cross-functional optimization studies. »
“We must also participate in communication and representation actions within the EDF Renewables network of experts, participate in feedback from innovation projects and associated Research and Development programs. »

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Bac +5 type Masters, DESS, DEA (Business, engineering or university schools) for an experienced or beginner profile, with successful experience in the field of engineering, construction, project management or R&D.

of your future colleagues

“To access this profession, you must know how to be dynamic and proactive, in order to implement innovative and sustainable ideas to contribute to the success of EDF Renewables projects. »
“We must know how to anticipate growth factors and technical developments in our field. We must have a vision of the entire market to best contribute to the development of projects linking innovation and renewable energies. »
“Communication is essential, all creative processes are done as a team on different subjects. We work closely with R&D to implement new solutions. »

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EDF Renewables - Japan



Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.