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The design engineer is involved at all stages of a project, from the development phase to construction and operation.

Versatile, responsible for the analysis and processing of environmental and technical data, he provides precise analysis of the data for which he is responsible.

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“During the project development phase, we analyze, for example, cartographic data, data from measurement campaigns and our databases. We must bring our expertise to development project managers to support them in technical choices. »
“During the construction phase, we need to estimate the time and resources needed. Provide technical support to project managers and respond to various technical requests from different departments. »
“When the project is commissioned, we must put in place processes and operating methods for its operation. Work to continuously improve methods so that they are always adapted to advances in the field of modeling, precision and optimization. »

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Bac +5 type Masters, DESS, DEA (engineering schools or universities) with an experienced profile or first experience.

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“To access this position, three years’ experience in renewable energies is recommended in order to understand the specificities of this profession and the sector. This job requires rigor and method. »
“Communication is important. We are an essential link in the team, at the heart of the project. »
“We must know how to be concise in our studies and reporting to transmit clear information to the project manager as well as to the entire team. »

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EDF Renewables - Japan



Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.