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Development project manager

Development project manager

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The job of Development Project Manager is a central job in the development of each project, whether wind, solar or offshore wind.

To build new projects, EDF Renewables needs people on the ground capable of finding new sites, studying the feasibility, discussing with local stakeholders, carrying out consultation and coordinating technical and environmental studies.

The missions are very varied and aim to coordinate the project as a whole.

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"As Development Project Manager, my role is to identify new sites to develop projects. To do this, I meet local elected officials and stakeholders. I must also coordinate the entire team for the smooth running of the development of the project. project."
"There is a whole aspect of management that requires a certain rigor, processing files in conjunction with the Legal Department, monitoring the completion of the project, as well as orders and invoices. It's really satisfying to see our project to be completed from start to finish."
"Being a project manager is, above all, relational work. We must communicate tirelessly with elected officials, associations and stakeholders in each territory. Internally, we must work with the design offices on the design and technical design. There is a very strong societal and environmental dimension to our profession."

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Bac+5, master's degree, DESS, DEA, Grandes Ecoles, without any particular specialty. Depending on the scope, this position is accessible to young graduates or experienced people.

of your future colleagues

Take an interest in technical professions and the management of cross-functional projects, take advantage of your experiences to build up solid knowledge. Be curious and rigorous.
The social and environmental dimension is important in our profession. Being concerned about those around you and the environment in a global way is one of the keys to being a development project manager.
I think that the job of Development Project Manager is an exciting job, if you are curious, if you have a taste for relationships and the desire to move things forward, don't hesitate, this job is for you.

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Since 2022, EDF Renewables has been developing offshore wind projects in Japan. 

The objective: to contribute to the country's energy transition.